Grading System of Kerala SSLC Result 2019

Kerala Board gives the grades to the students in the board exams. The board provides the grades on the basis of the marks the candidates will get. The highest grade for the students is A+ and the least is E. So, the candidates will be able to gain the grades on the basis of their performances. The board has specified some criteria of the marks. Those criteria and the respective grades can be seen from the table given below:

GradesRange of the Marks(%)Grade Value (In Points)Status
A+90 to 1009Outstanding
A80 to 898Excellent
B+70 to 797Very Good
B60 to 696Good
C+50 to 595Above Average
C40 to 494Average
D+30 to 393Marginal
D20 to 292Needs Improvement
EBelow 201Needs Improvement