Progress report online


Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Malappuram has developed an innovative progress report card of students which can be accessed online by parents, teachers, governmental agencies, researchers, policy makers etc. The online Software named, Students Quality Monitory Tool (SQMT), is made available to all the schools in the district to enter students’ achievement reports or results of each terminal examination.

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The Process

·        The scores / grades obtained by each student is entered online by the class teachers/subject teachers after each terminal exams

·        The data can be analysed at various levels

·        Appropriate corrective measures can be undertaken.


·        Understanding each child’s performance.

·        Comparison of term-wise performance of each subject of a child is possible.

·        Understanding each child’s performance from term-to-term

·        Class-wise performance reports

·        Understanding Panchayath / Cluster level performance of schools

·        School-level overall performance

·        Panchayath / Sub-district level performance

·        District level achievement reports of schools

·        Social category-wise achievement reports

·        The reports are available in graphical and tabular forms, on easy-clicks.

Furthers possibilities

The software can be adapted easily to enter district, State-level data and obtain detailed analytical reports.

Advantages of the software and its implementation

·        The results and detailed progress reports of each student can be made available immediately after the exams.

·        It is easy to enter the data, possible even by teachers who have basic computer skills.

·        The SQMT can be accessed by the parents working anywhere in the world. It is advantageous to a large number of parents working abroad, who are eager to know their wards’ learning achievement reports.

·        The software is a cost-effective, paper-less mode for obtaining students’ achievement reports. It makes the conventional paper card progress reports obsolete and heralds a new era of digital progress reports.