Secondary School Leaving Certificate Kerala Board

The General Education Department of Kerala, Pareekshaba has just released the date-sheet for the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) Examinations, 2020. The Kerala SSLC (class 10) exams will take place from 8 – 23 March, 2020. There will only be 9 papers this year instead of 10 papers.

The exam date for Information Technology (IT) subject is missing from Kerala SSLC 2020 time-table because the theory exam (for 10 marks) will be computer-based & conducted along with the practical exam (worth 30 marks) and will be 1 hour long.

The first 15 minutes of every exam i.e. from 1.45 – 2 pm is “cool-off” time during which you are not allowed to write anything on your answer sheets.

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