Standard X-Equivalency Examination 2016

Application & Registration


Xth Equivalency Course (2016-17)-11th Batch  
1.Application form&Registration certificate
2.Sbt Chellan
Higher Secondary Equivalency course 2nd Batch  (2016-18):
1. Application form, Registration certificate and chellan
2. prospectus


The day 18th April 1991 is auspicious,for it is written in golden letters in the history of kerala.It was on this day kerala was encrowned the one and only ‘State with Total Literacy’, as the culmination of long and strenuous efforts. It was Chelakkodan Aishumma of Malappuram,a neo-literate, who declared the State ‘Sampoorna Saksharatha State’ in the presence of thousands of people who thronged the historic Mananchira stadium,Kozhikod. The ‘flame of literacy’ was thus set in across the entire State from villages to villages, towns to towns and districts to districts. Earliar, Kottayam had attained the position of the first town with total literacy in the state on 18th June, 1989. It was succeeded by Ernakulam which became the first Total Literacy District on February 4, 1990.

SSLC Equlent Exam Result 2016-17