Question 3 Read passage and answer

Question 3
Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

Grandad was probably standing at the gate at this moment, screwing up his eyes to look at the bright red light coming from the church windows, or stumping about in his felt boots, fooling with the servants. His rattle would be fastened to his belt. He would be throwing out his arms and hugging himself against the cold, or, with his old man’s titter, pinching a maid, or one of the cooks. ‘Have a nip,’ he would say, holding out his snuffbox to the women. The women would take a pinch and sneeze. Grandfather would be overcome with delight, breaking out into jolly laughter, and shouting: ‘Good for frozen noses!’

1. What would Grandad be doing on Christmas eve?
2. Why does he hold out the snuffbox to the servants?
3. How does Grandad express his delight?
4. Read the conversation between Grandad and the servant woman.
Grandad : Have a pinch from the snuffbox.
Servant woman : I don’t like its smell.
a. What did Grandad ask the servant woman?
b. What did the servant woman reply?

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Answer Key

Question 3
1. Standing at the gate looking at the bright red light from the church windows or stumping about in mhis felt boots, fooling with the servants.

2. So that they would have a nip and start sneezing.

3. Break into jolly laughter shouting that it was goodfor frozen noses.

4. a. Grandad asked the servant woman to have a pinch from the snuffbox.
b. The servant woman replied that she didn’t like the smell of that.