TECHNICAL HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOLS – IHRD (9 Centres) Sl. No. School Code Centre Code Name of Centre Name of Educational District 40 18502 18502 Technical HSS Vazhakkad Malappuram 41 18503 18503 Technical HSS Perinthalmanna Malappuram 42 19503 19503 Technical HSS Vattamkulam Tirur 43 25501 25501 Model Technical HSS Kaprassery Aluva 44 26502 26502 Model Technical HSS Kaloor Kochi Ernakulam 45 29504 29504 Technical HSS Muttom Thodupuzha 46 30501 30501 Technical HSS Kuttikkanam Peerumade Kattappana 47 33503 33503 Technical HSS Puthupally Kottayam 48 37501 37501 Technical HSS Mallapally Thiruvalla

3. The Superintendents of the Technical High Schools in which the Examinations are conducted will be the Chief Superintendents of the Centres concerned. The Superintendents who are due to retire from service on 31.03.2020 will not be posted as Chief Superintendent. 4. Category of Candidates (a) Regular The candidates who have satisfactorily undergone the prescribed course in any one of the above THS and THSS during the academic year 2020-17 as per the syllabus approved are eligible to appear for the examination as regular candidates. Those who have completed 14 years of age as on 01/06/2020 can appear for the examination. 85% of attendance is fixed as the minimum attendance required by a candidate in Technical High Schools. Candidates who have not acquired the required percentage of attendance or whose shortage of attendance has not been condoned by the concerned authorities will not be permitted for the examination. 8 (b) Betterment of Result candidates (BT) (Application format Annexure-A) Candidates who have passed the examination as full course or compartmental system are eligible to appear for the examination for Betterment of results as full course candidates, subject to the conditions that such attempt of betterment should be within the period of three years of last successful appearance and not attained higher qualification.

Betterment of result is permitted to only one chance, and such candidates should appear for the examination as full course candidates including for Trade Theory & Workshop Practice. (c) Attendance Recouped Candidates (ARC) (Application format Annexure-A) Candidates of previous academic years who have undergone the continuous evaluation process during the course Standard of X in THSLC and not able to attend the public examination due to lack of attendance and cancelled the candidature can appear the examination March 2020 as “Attendance Recouped Candidates”. Such candidates should get necessary attendance from the same school during this academic year. (d) Private Candidates – Old Scheme(PCO) (Application format Annexure-A) Candidates who have appeared for THSLC examination under grading system from the academic years 2011 – 12 to 2020-15 for the first time and not qualified for higher studies can appear for the examination as private candidates – Old Scheme (PCO). 9 5. Practical Examinations a) IT Practical Examination The maximum score for IT Practical examination is 30. Out of this, 28 score is for testing the IT skills and 2 score for IT practical work book. The evaluation of the answers of the 28 score practical examination which is conducted using software will be done by teachers posted as invigilators of the practical examinations. The software will have provision for recording the score (maximum 2) for practical work book. For private candidates IT practical examination will be conducted before the commencement of written examination. There will be no re-valuation for IT Practical Examination. b) Practical Exam in Trade Subject The practical examination in trade subject will be conducted after the written examination. The candidates should contact the Chief Superintendent of the examination centres concerned and ascertain from them the date and time of practical examination.