Analysing Textual Passages

Analysing textual passages is intended to evaluate the competency of the learners to read, comprehend and critically analyse a passage. An excerpt from any of the textual passages will be given, followed by a set of 5 or 6 questions of the following
• Analyse the passage
• Identify vocabulary items
• Use language elements
• Constructing discourses
This set of questions may carry 5 to 8 scores.
Analysing the passage
The questions intended to test the ability to analyse a reading passage can broadlybe categorised as questions to test level of comprehension, the ability to infer, evaluate and interpret.
Identifying vocabulary items
These types of questions aim at testing the learners’ ability to locate the right word of which the meaning is given, to identify the word opposite in meaning to the one given and to identify the word similar in meaning to the word given.
Using language elements
Questions to assess learners’ competence to use language elements like identifying syntactical patterns, reported speech, etc.
Learning Outcomes: Reads and analyses literary pieces
Uses words in meaningful contexts
Identifies the meaning of words
Uses language elements contextually

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